How long will my repair take?

Depending on the type of service being performed on your watch it usually takes between 10-14 days from when the service is approved.

How is the price of my repair determined?

Service and repair price is determined by brand and model as well as the type of repair. Cost of parts can vary depending on the model or brand. That is why we offer free competitive estimates for all watch repairs.

Do you only do service and repair on watches?

As a matter of fact we also do repairs on basic wall clocks to complicated cuckoo clocks. We also have an expert jeweler who does all different types of jewelry repairs and custom jewelry work with traditional torch solder and with a state of the art laser welding machine for clean quality work!

Do you use original parts for your repairs?

We have access to original parts for almost all brands and if there is not original part available we use custom generic parts that are identical to the discontinued original parts of that particular brand and model of watch.

Do you offer discounts on service?

Yes! We offer certain discounts when services are packaged or bundled together, or if more than 1 watch is sent in for repair we will package it out to a better service and repair price.

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