The Watch Repair Process
  • Step 1: Watch Intake & Analysis

    • Once we receive the watch, your personal information and watch information is recorded and a job repair number is assigned to your watch.
    • One of our watch technicians will do a complete evaluation of your watch and an estimate for your repair will be provided via email or phone.
    • Only approved repairs will be completed.
  • Step 2: Service & Repair

    • Your watch movement is disassembled part by part and cleaned in special ultrasonic cleaning machines.
    • The movement is then lubricated to ensure proper functionality.
    • After movement lubrication is time regulation and calibration to ensure the watch keeps proper time.
  • Step 3: Recondition & Cleaning

    • As the movement is being worked on, the case and bracelet of the watch are polished and recondition by removing the surface scratches and scuffs to give the watch a fresher and newer look.
    • After the reconditioning, the case and bracelet is thoroughly ultrasonic cleaned to remove all the dirt and grime that has collected.
    • The watch is then put through the water pressure testing to reseal and make the watch water-resistant again.
  • Step 4: Quality Control

    • In the final stage the watch timing is checked for accuracy and functionality.
    • If at any time the master technician finds an irregularity the issue is corrected and checked again.
    • Once the master technician is 100% satisfied with the overall repair it is then processed to be shipped back to you.

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