Movement Overhauls and Repair Service:

Movement overhaul and repair starts with the disassembly of the watch movement from the case. The case is thoroughly ultrasonic cleaned and the movement is taken apart piece by piece to be cleaned and overhauled.
For quartz movements the servicing entails overhauling the non-electronic components, replacing the circuit & coil as needed and a fresh new battery. For manual wind and automatic self-winding watches the movement is disassembled and overhauled, replacing the mainspring as needed and lubrication of the movement components.
Once the overhaul and repair is completed the watch is evaluated over a 72-96 hour period (3-4 days) to ensure watch accuracy and proper time regulation. During this process the watch is also tested to ensure it is water-resistant by replacing worn out seals throughout the watch. Once the watch passes our final quality control inspection it will be shipped back to you!

Crystal replacement/repair:

Do you have a broken or damaged crystal on your watch? Well, “All Watch Repair” can take care of all crystal replacement s. We have access to original as well as custom fit crystal for any and all watches whether it is an acrylic, mineral, or starch-resistant sapphire crystal.

Crown and Pusher replacement:

The crown of the watch is used to wind and set the time and date. The pushers of the watch are used with movements which have a chronograph (stopwatch) feature. Wearing a watch that has a broken crown or pushers will result in water damage and dust particles which can cause significant damage. Let our watch technicians at “All Watch Repair” make sure your watch is protected and functions properly.

Wet & Dry Pressure Testing:

At our facility we have both a wet (water) and dry (Vacuum) pressure testing equipment. These machines are used to ensure that your watch is water-resistant again once we dissemble and reassemble your watch for repair.

Reconditioning and Cleaning:

Watches get their normal wear and tear when you use them. At “All Watch Repair” we offer a thorough ultrasonic cleaning to remove the dirt and grime that can collect as you wear it. We also do exterior recondition of watches to remove surface scratches and scuffs caused from daily use. The watch will look almost like the day you first bought it!

Dial and Hand Restoration and Refinishing:

Dial and hands can get damaged or worn out from exposing the watch to water or just the given age of the watch. Our watch technicians have the capabilities and skills to restore dials back to their original state by refinishing them. For the hands and markers the luminescent finish can crack and fall apart from age and we can restore the luminescent glow.

Band Repair:

Metal watch bracelets take a beating as you wear them and they can break or come apart. Other watch repair will automatically suggest a new bracelet. Luckily, at”All Watch Repair”  we think outside the box and combined with your expert skills and knowledge we can repair your bracelet without having to go through the costly repair of replacing it.

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